Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Finz at Ibn Battuta

Fine quality dining at mall prices - most probably because it's in a mall, Ibn Battuta. Booze snobs who refuse to pick up a fork without a glass of wine to hand are really missing out if they shun Finz, because the food is incredible.

It's run by a youngish team of Safricans, and the cuisine is loosely Mediterranean with a Portuguese bent. So you'll find plenty of Italian, and generally nice dishes like grilled fresh tuna. Be warned that these are proper chefs with a proper (=French) interpretation of rare/medium rare.

Things to die for include:

1. Squid bites (actually more like octopuses, but the lightest, tastiest seafood you'll ever eat)
2. Espetada in any flavour (see thing on skewer below)
3. Quail egg and smoked duck salad
4. Chocolate fondant
5. Parfait

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I'm about six months behind everyone else on the whole Madinat scene, because I live the other end of town, but can give some handy hints gathered on recent trips.
1. The doors on the loos in Left Bank get stuck. You have to yank on the top (a bit of a nightmare if you're short like me) or shout for help.
2. Trader Vics is more expensive and not as good as the original in Crowne Plaza, which has to be applauded for its daily Happy Hour 6 - 8pm, which allows you to drink like a fish, fall over, eat McDonalds and go home, all by 10pm, which is excellent news on a school day.
3. Noodle House - again not as good as the Emirates Towers original, and can be full of squawking kids.

A late-night trip to Rock Bottom just isn't complete without that old skool classic beverage - the Bullfrog. Nobody knows what's in it, apart a measure of all the white spirits and a healthy dose of Red Bull, but it's Dhs35 and lethal. Giveaway signs of Bullfroggers include a blue green tongue, and an ability to sleep for hours after they crawl home.

there was a post here (courtesy of Clyde) that extolled the virtues of Cultures in Dubai Media City phase 2. Unfortunately it got deleted by mistake, and until Clyde re-posts, suffice to say that Cultures is fantastic, and makes excellent home-cooked food.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The best place to start is our newest discovery. Ushna, a modern Indian restaurant in Madinat Jumeirah (funky pink neon bar and a zillion different kinds of vodka) serves blinding real champagne cocktails for just Dhs 29 a go.