Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Finz at Ibn Battuta

Fine quality dining at mall prices - most probably because it's in a mall, Ibn Battuta. Booze snobs who refuse to pick up a fork without a glass of wine to hand are really missing out if they shun Finz, because the food is incredible.

It's run by a youngish team of Safricans, and the cuisine is loosely Mediterranean with a Portuguese bent. So you'll find plenty of Italian, and generally nice dishes like grilled fresh tuna. Be warned that these are proper chefs with a proper (=French) interpretation of rare/medium rare.

Things to die for include:

1. Squid bites (actually more like octopuses, but the lightest, tastiest seafood you'll ever eat)
2. Espetada in any flavour (see thing on skewer below)
3. Quail egg and smoked duck salad
4. Chocolate fondant
5. Parfait